Technical institutes

Air Force Institute of Technology -
Automotive Industry Institute -
Building Research Institute -
Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police -
Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection -
Central Mining Institute -
Chemical Apparatus  Research and Development Center CEBEA -
COBRO - Polish Packaging Research and Development Centre -
COBRPP - Research & Development Centre for the Graphic Arts -
Electrotechnical Institute -
Fertilizers Research Institute -,
Forest Research Institute -
Foundry Research Institute -
Industrial Chemistry Research Institute -
Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering -
Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal -
Institute for Engineering of Polymer Materials and Dyes -
Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy -
Institute for Sustainable Technologies - National Research Institute -
Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology -
Institute of Applied Optics -
Institute of Aviation -
Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres -
Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials -
Institute of Electron Technology -
Institute of Electronic Materials Technology -
Institute of Geodesy and Cartography -
Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis „Blachownia" -
Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry -
Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG -
Institute of Labour and Social Studies -
Institute of Logistics and Warehousing -
Institute of Mathematical Machines -
Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining -
Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment ITAM -
Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals -
Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology -
Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion -
Institute of Power Engineering Research & Developing Centre -,
Institute of Precision Mechanics -
Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX -
Institute of Urban Development -
Institute of Welding -
Institute Organization and Management in Industry „ORGMASZ” -
Information Processing Institute -
Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements -
KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology -
Leather Industry Institute -
Metal Forming Institute -
Military Communication Institute -
Military Institute of Armament Technology -
Military Institute of Armoured and Automotive Technology -
Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry -
Military Institute of Engineer Technology -
Motor Transport Institute -
National Centre for Nuclear Research -
National Institute of Telecommunications -
Oil and Gas Institute -
Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute -
Poltegor-Institute -
Rail Vehicles Institute „TABOR” -
Railway Institute -
Research and Academic Computer Network -
Research and Development Centre for Building Insulation Industry -
Research And Development Centre of Electric Machines “Komel” -
Research and Development Centre of Hoisting Machinery and Mechanical Conveying Equipment “Detrans” -
Research and Development Centre of Textile Machinery "Polmatex-Cenaro" -
Road and Bridge Research Institute -
Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection – National Research Institute -
Tele and Radio Research Institute -
Textile Research Institute -
Wood Technology Institute -