Environmental and Agricultural institutes

Inland Fisheries Institute - www.infish.com.pl
Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas - www.ietu.katowice.pl
Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology - www.ibprs.pl
Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute - www.ios.edu.pl
Institute of Meteorology and Water Management -  National Research Institute - www.imgw.pl
Institute of Natural Fibers & Medicinal Plants - www.iwnirz.pl
Institute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute - www.ior.poznan.pl
Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation - State Research Institute - www.iung.pulawy.pl
Institute of Technology and Life Science - www.itep.edu.pl
Maritime Institute - www.im.gda.pl
National Marine Fisheries Research Institute - www.mir.gdynia.pl
National Research Institute of Animal Production - www.izoo.krakow.pl
National Veterinary Research Institute - www.piwet.pulawy.pl
Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute - www.ihar.edu.pl
Research Institute of Horticulture - www.inhort.pl