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June 2012

Polish MarketPolish Market talks with Prof. Leszek Rafalski, President of Main Council of Research Institutes (RGIB), about the challenges that the Polish science faces in the fast-moving world of innovative economy. More…

Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute

IOS-PIBMaterial about Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute published in Polish Market.

The major activity area of the Institute is to develop scientific and technical basis for environmental protection and relevant national policies. The Institute of Environmental Protection is a governmental institute, supervised by the Ministry of the Environment. The development of state policies at national and international levels provides the Institute a special place among various other research and development institutions involved in environmental protection. Special areas of activity such as integrated environmental studies contribute significantly to the integration of work carried out under other research fields. More…

Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals

IMNMaterial about Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals published in Polish Market.

Since 1952 Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals (IMN) in Gliwice has been the main research and development centre of Polish non-ferrous industry. More…

90th Anniversary of Industrial Chemistry Research Institute

ICHPMaterial about Industrial Chemistry Research Institute published in Polish Market.

Industrial Chemistry Research Institute in Warsaw is a research and development unit with 90-year tradition. Established in Lvov in 1922, up until now has been keeping its position as a leading research institute in Poland in applied and development research in the area of chemistry and chemical technology. More…

The Certification of Products and Services for Fire Protection at the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection (CNBOP-PIB).

CNOPB-PIBMaterial about Research Centre for Fire Protection (CNBOP-PIB) published in Polish Market.

Technical fire protection systems perform a significant role in civil structures. Their application is mainly aimed at ensuring fire safety
to a given structure, which involves, inter alia, providing optimum evacuation conditions, ensuring the safety of firemen-rescuers and rescued persons, and minimising the material loss caused by fire incidents.