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MAIN COUNCIL OF THE RESEARCH INSTITUTES (RGIB) is the elective representative body acting pursuant to Article 33 of the Act of 30 April 2010 on reaserch institutes. As many as 116 reaserch institutes has been run nowadays in Poland. They employ 39600 people - including 11600 reaserchers.

MAIN COUNCIL OF THE RESEARCH INSTITUTES represents interests of the research institutes to the state and local government authorities and to the scientific, economic and public organizations as well as to the opinion-forming elites.
Furthermore, it participates in economic, public and specifically in scientific and innovational policy. Apart from this, it submits the opinions and requirements to the authorities and the state administration, takes action with the intention of solving common problems among groups of institutes, becomes involved in scientific development as well as in improvement of economic innovativeness and effectiveness. Apart from that, it contributes to the development of research staff and highly supports the young scientists.

MAIN COUNCIL OF THE RESEARCH INSTITUTES keeps under surveillance and gives opinion on ongoing science reform. It monitors the applicable regulations on functioning of research institutes, particularly their formation, fusion, division, reorganization. However, its activity is not focused on improvement of its own environment. In fact, it cooperates with representations of other research and development units as well as nongovernmental organisations such as Polish Federation of Engineering Associations - NOT, Academy of Engineering in Poland, Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology and others.  

MAIN COUNCIL acts also with an aim of acquiring funds supporting the scientific research and the development process. Moreover, it searches for funds supporting the implementation of study results in practice as well as operates activities concerning information, promotion and publishing.

Once a year, MAIN COUNCIL convenes the Electors Forum with the participation of invited guests and the electors selected by the scientific boards of the institutes. Several times a year, it hosts a meeting of the Council. Finally, it organizes conferences, congresses, seminars, trainings, the exhibitions of the achievements of institutes as well as press conferences.

The members of the Presidium of MAIN COUNCIL OF THE RESEARCH INSTITUTES include: the Chairman, three Deputy Chairmen and the Secretary of the MAIN COUNCIL. Our Audit Committee works on a regular basis and an extraordinary committee is constituted in case there is a need of solving a problem.